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Loss of Power
Replacing Worn Cylinder Blocks and/or Center Case

If your transmission is having loss of power or no drive when it reaches operating temperature, it is likely that the cylinder blocks and center case need to be replaced.  When replacing any of these components, it is critical to replace all components to include 2 cylinder block assemblies with new pistons and springs, and the center case.

If either the cylinder blocks or the center case has damage due to wear, then the associated parts will also have some degree of damage.  If all are not replaced with new parts at the same time, it is very likely that you will have another failure within a short time.

There are many misguided blogs on the internet that say you can save money by not replacing all components.  While this will likely work initially, it will result in a much earlier repeat failure than if you had replaced all recommended components.  At this point, you cannot simply replace the components which you avoided in the first repair, as they will be damaged and you will still have to replace them to properly repair your unit.

We offer a complete repair kit that includes the center case, cylinder block assemblies and all gaskets, filters and sealant required to complete the repair.

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Tuff Torq Gearbox Parts for Westwood Tractors

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  1. Tuff Torq Gearbox Plastic Fan 1A646083050

    Old part no: 1A6460-83050, 148007800, 7073753YP & 148007000

  2. Tuff Torq Gearbox Snap Ring 19215489090

    Old part no: 192154-89090
  3. Tuff Torq Gearbox Filter 1A646088211

    Old part no: 192163-24960 and 19216324960
  4. Tuff Torq Gearbox Differential Kit 1A646031570

    Old part no: 19268-31501, 19216831501 and 192168-31501
  5. Tuff Torq Gearbox Sealant 1A646099500

    Old part no: 194855-24040
  6. Tuff Torq Gearbox Oil Seal 187T0134280

    Old part no: 19216334280, 192 163 3428 & 192163-34280

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Items 1 to 10 of 29 total

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